Research Interests

I am very interested in studying processes and outcomes in therapy. I am fascinated at how important conversations in therapy can be analyzed through discursive research methods. I have utilized these methods to study the specific ways therapists can move forward with clients. To me these methods capture the generative nature of the creative, interactive process of therapy. They allow me to honour the two-way nature of therapeutic conversations in my research. Rather than understanding therapy as delivered by the psychologist I examine interventions in therapy as co-developed as psychologists orient and respond to clients. With my approach I can replace traditional linear models with an interactive (cyclical) focus which is a strong fit with my family systems perspective.

My research is very useful to practicing therapists. The detailed descriptions (conversational behaviours are transcribed to the tenth of a second) of interactions are intended to heighten therapists’ sensitivity and abilities to orient to how they can co-develop this movement with families. In my research I describe how the therapist together with the family did or accomplished therapeutic concepts (e.g., “multipartiality” or “inviting collaboration”). Rather than simply discussing the endeavour (conceptually or theoretically) as facilitative and making general efforts to practice it, practitioners can use my research to inform how they might accomplish it.

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